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Just tried to play the FM, and while it can find some stations, all I hear is static.  Anything special I should do?

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For mine to pick up any stations the antenna needs to be fully unraveled and held straight up. I pick up the weak stations strong and the strong ones mediocre go figure lol.

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Adding more copper seems to be the best thing you can do.  Clipping off the last few centimeters of the wire antenna and soldering it to a larger coil of wire can really help.  I have a 150m spool lying around from shortwave experiments that works like a charm smile

We're in San Diego here, and I was able to pick up KUSC coming from Los Angeles.

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Duh, that's what that wad of wire was in the battery case, glad I asked.  And should I attach it to the mast on the roof?

Works pretty well, without the mast.  And I'm sure some of the popping are the computers and other electronics in here.

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no not the mast on the roof, i just keep the wire up as high as i can.

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If you've already got the aluminum forest, might as well add it smile


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I see we have some hams present...  I'll be taking the technician class/test soon!

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I got my General Class license at the last FCC testing in Dallas, and got my Extra class license on a bet (someone bet me I couldn't do it).

Don't do much with it, but it's a good strong background for teaching technology stuff -- I am a certified high school computer science / technology apps teacher.   Also certified in math, but try not to remind people of that.

My love is CS, but have taught engineering, web design, and math.