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Do I have to leave my Chumby plugged in at all times? Seems a little counter-productive to have something so portable and yet so stationary.

Or is there a battery beyond the 9-volt I'm not aware of?

Re: Newb Question.

The current chumby is not a portable device.  The hardware takes too much power in the current model.

The purpose of the 9-volt battery is to keep the hardware alive for brief power outages - similar the battery you find in clock radios.

Re: Newb Question.

Are there plans for a portable model at some point?  I'd be far more likely to get one if a portable model became available.

Re: Newb Question.

We'll probably offer a portable model at some point - but keep in mind that such a device would be substantially more expensive due to the technologies involved.

Creating a portable always-on wifi device with a decent battery lifetime is a very tough problem.  The Nokia N800, which is pretty close to a "portable chumby" in terms of hardware, is priced close to $400, and a similar device from us would be in the same ballpark.

From what we can tell, the broad consumer market isn't ready for such an expensive device in this product category - the N800, while a very interesting device from a technology standpoint, is not going for same market we are.