Topic: Unresponsive Screen Hardware Failure?

My chumby is now about a year and a half old and hence out of Warranty.  I noticed my touch screen was not very responsive like it used to be.   I recalibrated the touch screen and still it was the same way, I had to touch a few times for the touch to be registered.

I am fairly convinced its a hardware failure because now its completely unresponsive.  I opened a ticket with Chumby support and they keep telling me to recalibrate by touching on the touchscreen while booting it up.   I have tried doing this many times and still it does not recognize I am touching the screen.

My questions are as follows:

1) Is it possible for a touch screen to become unresponsive like this over time? 
2) Would a replacement for the touchscreen fix the problem since everything else seems to be working, except I can't control it.
3) How would I go about purchasing a touch screen and replacing it
4) Has anyone opened up a Chumby and how does one do it in a orderly fashion.

Thanks in Advance.

Re: Unresponsive Screen Hardware Failure?

Sorry about the issue with your touchscreen.  If calibrating doesn't resolve the issue, yes, it could very well be a hardware lcd problem.  We do offer replacement LCD's for $29.95.  Answers to your questions below:

1. Yes, it's possible for any piece of hardware to fail over time.
2. A replacement LCD will fix the issue only if it's hardware related, if it's a software problem, no dice.
3. Contact Chumby Support to purchase the LCD for $29.95.
4. Here's a link that can assist you in opening the chumby and replacing the LCD: