Topic: New Update (Post-128)

My chumby has version 128, and it just alerted me that there's new firmware. Network update is grayed out (thats another problem), but the main thing is that there is no update past 128!

Is my chumby broken? Or is it catching on to something not released on your site?

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Same here, I just rebooted because I thought it might have been an error that caused the Chumby to reboot into one of its backup partitions. But, the site just got a nice update, so maybe there's new software?

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That was a server bug. Please ignore the update notice - hit "Later", or "return to normal operation" or simply reboot, depending upon where you are.

We just swapped out the website, and the new site did something goofy that fooled the chumbys into thinking they need an update.  We've fixed the bug, but the chumbys are currently confused.  Unfortunately, the particular situation that caused this did not get caught in QA because it was *very* subtle.

JT should be publishing something in the Announcements section about this.

Sorry about that!


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Please refer to this post for more help.

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Thanks :-D