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Topic: Screen Connector Part Number

Hello all,

I have several Chumby motherboards where the FPC connector for the LCD screen has broken.  Due to improper installation the black flip tabs have broken off making the motherboard useless.  I have found a technique where I can harvest the flip tab from a motherboard with a non-broken connector, and reinstall it.  If I could find the part number for the connector I could repair these boards.

The schematics list a Molex part #54132-5097.  I looked the connector up, and it is a completely different connector than the one installed on my motherboards.  The Molex part is a slide lock.  The connector on my boards has a white body, and a black flip locking tab.  You push down to lock it, and flip it up to release.  Can anyone post the brand and part number for the aforementioned connector?  I think it may be a Hirose part, but I cannot tell for certain from the pictures/drawings.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Screen Connector Part Number

The footprint is designed to accommodate multiple connector types, as sometimes connectors go on allocation or are out of stock. This enhances the manageability of the supply chain by allowing the cheapest available and qualified connector to be installed on the board at the time.

The exact part number for the HRS connector you had on your lot of boards is FH28-60S-0.5SH (51). Good luck!

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Re: Screen Connector Part Number

Thank you very much! big_smile

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Re: Screen Connector Part Number

It seems Hirose has changed that part, or the part number you gave me is not the correct match for the connector on my boards.  I ordered the following from Newark http://www.newark.com/hrs-hirose/fh28e- … dp/74M1130.  The connector I received would fit the footprint on the motherboard, but the construction of the hold-down is subtly different.  The connector I ordered from Newark has a dark gray body rather than a white one.  The dimensions, and mounting points of the tab are different as well.

Is there another part that was used on the motherboards, or are my problems due to a change in the product on account of Hirose?

Oh yes, I should have mentioned this sooner, but the motherboards I am working with are v1.8A.

Thanks. smile