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As i went to bed last night, i noticed the chumby screen was 'weird'
All the colors where off, and the screenchanges faded into each other, and kept on being slightly visible.

I decided to go into the infoscreen (which went slowly) and press the 'reboot' button.

Nothing happened after this ...

I decided to powerdown and restart it.

Nothing happened besides the screen getting power (the weird lines you get on a lcd where shown, but never left)

I decided to dont think about it for now, keep it powered down and try to recover it tomorrow.

This morning i tried to power it up, nothing happened ...

I searched for the 'special options screen' (damn, that information is hidden on your websites) which i finally found.
I tried booting into it, to no avail.

I keep getting the 'weird lcd lines' and nothing else.

Any ideas?

I used a US henchman to buy the chumby for me, so returning it to the US for replacement could take a while sad

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An email was sent to the account you gave in your forum registration--let me know if you got it.

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today I experienced the same problem with my chumby. The strange lines appeared and i powered it down. But in my case when I tried to turn it on again, the screen stays dark. I can feel it heaten up, so I think it's getting power. But I can't see anything (so I guess it also has nothing to do with the backlight).

Is there anything I can do before open the Chumby and check the connection to the screen? I don't no if the warranty fits to my case because i got my chumby from a friend who worked in the usa last year.

Thank you for your help.
Many greetings from eastern germany wink

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Please contact Customer Support -

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Thank you Matt, I'll try that. Hope the have any suggestion.