Topic: Pandora login problem


I'm trying to use the new beta firmware & am having a problem with pandora.  I at first put in the wrong email address as my login for pandora.  I have since corrected it but it still tells me every time that I have a wrong username/password even though my radio station shows up in the list for a second before it goes to the wrong user/pass screen.

I have tried logging in via ssh and deleting pandora* in /psp/ then rebooting, but that doesn't seem to help, other then letting me re-start the login process.

Currently /psp/pandora_user and /psp/pandora_pass are set correctly (from the gui)

Anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Pandora login problem

The exact error I get is "I'm sorry, I don't recognize your username and password. Tap OK and try again."

But it already shows my radio station on the left.. How do I make this work?  Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Pandora login problem

Please contact Customer Support by going to and clicking on the chat or email icons and we'll try to get to the bottom of this.

CS Manager