Topic: Possible bug - exiting night mode automatically

I'm pulling a late-nighter tonight, and saw my chumby enter night-mode at 11:30pm (as per the alarm settings).

At around 1am-ish (I wasn't watching it), it suddenly came out of night mode and went back to my usual channel.

I'm using the beta control panel (x.x.16) and have done the latest software update.

Is anyone else seeing this issue (any light-sleepers?), or is this just a freak once-off?


Re: Possible bug - exiting night mode automatically

Hi Sam (great name by the way),
Just a couple of question regarding this.  Have you tried to double check your settings to make sure there's not another alarm set to turn on a certain channel?  If not, then try this.  Go to the Control Panel, then Settings, then Volume; and press the box that says 'click on screen touch'.  This will enable the touch click sound so your chumby will make that 'click' sound every time the touch screen is engaged.  See if it's making that sound when nothing is being touched.  If so, this may be why your chumby is exiting Night Mode on its own.


Re: Possible bug - exiting night mode automatically

Nope there isn't another alarm until 7:30am. And I already have the click on, but there are no unexpected clicking sounds.

It hasn't happened since - actually, it might just be me throwing stuff around and accidentally hitting it. Consider it a freak event - I'll post if it happens again.

Thanks for the reply.

Sam (this is getting confusing smile )