Topic: MTASC for the chumby!

I've built a native binary for MTASC, the open source Actionscript 2 compiler, for the chumby.

Get it here.

You can now build Flash movies entirely on the device itself.

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Awesome! Thanks tons!

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Ok starting to play around with the MTASC and actionscript.  MTASC runs like a champ, at least the simple things I have made.

So I want to look at the actionscript in the example widgets. they are all fla files.

Can fla's be decompiled to actionscript? or am I hoping for too much?

I'm not afraid to go crashing around in actionscript, now. If decompiling is not possible, maybe you could post an example of a widget made out of actions script?
   if such a thing exists....

btw 1/2 way through my first programming class, VBA.NET. I just had my first Lab Practical - 1 hour to write app, was tricky as heck, felt like I was defusing a bomb! I pulled it off with flying colors!

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Sadly the example files all make use of the timeline.

So I think they would take extra effort to be ported solely to ActionScript.

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Thanks for your reply but, I am interested in styling the rss feed inside Flash with CSS or something.

I am using the virtual Chumby and I am unfamiliar with MTASC. I am using AS for the Chumby.

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I've rebuilt MTASC for firmware 1.7 using the GCC 4.3.2 toolchain.