Topic: IPv6 support

I compiled a new kernel with ipv6 support but none of the apps is ipv6 enabled.
I had to cat /proc/net/if_inet6 in order to find out what my address was.
ping does not accept -6 as option although it shows it on the help page.

Are there any plans regarding ipv6  ?

Re: IPv6 support

Not directly, no.  However, we will be upgrading busybox, and it looks like they've added ipv6 support to several applets since the 1.6.1 release that we're currently using.

note: ping on chumby is a busybox applet

We'll discuss enabling kernel ipv6 support by default, internally.

Re: IPv6 support

Hey, any update on this? I too would like to see IPv6 support.

Re: IPv6 support

Not yet - I'll file an enhancement request.