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Topic: some _root properties are blank

I wrote a little app that dumped out all the properties of _root, and I found that that following properties are always blank in the current beta:

_root["_chumby_profile_name"]   -- suppsoed to return the current channel name?
_root["_chumby_chumby_id"] -- supposed to tbe the chumby guid?

They are defined; just blank.

The source code for my app is here -- basically, I just iterate over the properties of _root and print them out.

The results of the work can be found here (as a summary) but I recommend running the code.


Re: some _root properties are blank

OK, these will be fixed in the next CP beta - there were two totally unrelated causes for these fields being empty.

Note that, for security reasons, the "_chumby_chumby_id" isn't the *actual* GUID of the device, but is a hash of the GUID.

Same for "_chumby_profile_id" and "_chumby_user_id".

These values can be used as keys to uniquely identify devices and store data to third-party servers, but can't be used to access private information from the Chumby servers.