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smile No this won't be what people are expecting

I've been using the Chumby since the insiders release as the usual stuff like alarms, news etc.

One of the things people seem to complain about is the backlight brightness being too bright, which I took as a feature and used the chumby as a night light... Now that my chumby is ripped apart (for hacking) I'm without a nightlight!!!  Just spent ~5 minutes on a breadboard to get a concept idea going...

Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg
The insides of my chumby


At least I'm putting all of my chumby to good use smile  Just need to recycle a mobile phone charger, clean the egg up a bit and I can keep my chumby "fluff" egg night light always on smile

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Ha!  Very nice!

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hey,. nice egg! i wish i have one.