Topic: Low glare night clock mod

I tried Chumby as a bedside clock (in night mode), but he is too bright for me. 
I wondered if anyone has tried cutting out a stencil of the digital numbers and fitting it over chumby?
Then the non-number bits would not add to the glare.
To be perfect, it would need a new digital clock widget with the right shaped numbers so that the 'exposed' area would be kept to a minimum.
The stencil could be made of cloth that could flipped back during the day.

If anyone else is interested in trying this, I could whip up a digital clock widget.  It would help me if someone more artistic designed it, though.

Re: Low glare night clock mod

Large digital clock is probably a suitable widget for this (I'm the author). Each digit (other than seconds, which I expect you will configure off or mask off) is at a fixed location. The digits are slightly smaller and in different locations in 24 hour mode compared to 12 hour mode (one of my goals was to maximize the digit size in each mode to help low vision users such as myself).

You can also configure the digit color to some extent, and also the color intensity. The result can be quite a bit dimmer than the night mode clock if the backlight is at its dim setting, but the effect will obviously depend on the extent to which the backlight bleeds through.