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Good Morning

I am setting up my second Sony Dash today and for some reason I am not able to set Clock 1 or 2 on the Digital Clock App.
It says "undefined" even when I put in a time zone and city.

The first one seemed to work just fine.

Any clue what I am missing



Re: Clock Undefined

I fear that there is a minor bug somewhere that might be connected to my initial setup.  I used an " 's " in the name and I wonder if there is a connection there. +

I seem to have some settings that can't be changed like a channel named unsubscribed. 

I uninstalled the operating system and reinstalled it twice.  I even went as far as rebooting it with the OEM Sony Software but every time I reload Chumby I get the same default setting (Weather City, Time Zones and such).

The world won't end, I bought this simply for the nice Clock Feature but it would be nice to get this to work properly

Re: Clock Undefined

I'm not exactly clear on what you're suggesting, but I'll take a guess. 

The only place a name for a chumby or dash is stored is in the backend server.  So if you want to change it, just delete the device from your account, and re-register it with a new name.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Clock Undefined

If you are not subscribed you will only have unsubscribed available. That name cannot be changed.
Maybe you could clarify your situation to get proper help. We have a lot of good helpers on this forum

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Re: Clock Undefined

You can rename a chumby device by logging into the main website, then selecting the menu item "my chumby"->"my chumbys".  Select the chumby from the "select a chumby" popup menu, then hit the "rename" link just under the popup.  You'll have to reboot the device for it to take effect.