Topic: Touch screen stopped working..

I guess this has nothing to do with chumby....just bad luck.

I was able to chumbyize my Dash some time ago and all was fine.  Then one day I couldn't turn off the alarm or do anything else.  So I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it was okay for a while.  Then it happened again over the weekend and even now after unplugging and replugging it, the touchscreen doesn't want to work.

I assume this has nothing to do with chumby - just a problem with an old Dash.....anyone else?  Thanks!

Re: Touch screen stopped working..

I would suggest factory reset and a then reinstall chumdash software. Something needs to be reset in your device. Make sure you have the 1526 firmware before doing the Chumdash thing. If that doesn't work you may consider applying the Dash extra fix after reset and then doing the Chumdash software. But wait until the experts get on this first. They may have a better solution.

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Re: Touch screen stopped working..

Oy!  I'll try it in a couple of days unless someone comes up with a different answer.  Will have to look for that other firmware....Thanks though!