Topic: We need new Chumbys

Could something be done with the Raspberry Pi to turn it into a Chumby?  Without new devices the platform seems doomed.  Maybe Adafruit or Sparkfun would package a kit.

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I think a Kickstarter campaign for a hardware refresh would be an interesting option.

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Well, you can run Android on a Pi, and there's a Chumby Android app. Of course, you could just buy a cheap Android phone instead.

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well, the pi 2 now sells with a touchscreen for the unit.  With a case, and a boot sd card, it could be a really nice chumby, with 2 usb ports and ethernet built in! … AsyK8P8HAQ

Rasp 2 $40
Wireless card $12 (optional, unit comes with wired eth port)
Case $15
tft controller card $19
TFT 5.0" $29 or 7", 39