Topic: Kind of weak

OK, after not seeing a whole lot of new widgets and the like I thought I would unsubscribe. I just was hit with the charge a couple of days ago and thought I had a month paid for so let's see what happens. Oops. It cancels access immediately and no refunds. I know there is a community vibe here and as someone who bought three chumbys I am a fan. I was OK with the idea of subs but this is not the way to go.

Re: Kind of weak

Contact me through support, and I'll issue a manual refund for the latest charge.

I'll need your chumby username - it does not appear you have a chumby account under your forum username or email.

I'm looking into having a cancelled subscription be valid until the end of the current period - it's little tricky when someone decides to renew in the middle of that period.