Topic: Chumby and socat


ist it possible to install socat on my chumby ? and how to do that?

I'd like to add an 1-wire interface to the USB Port to get Temperatur over 1-wire.


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Re: Chumby and socat

I'd think socat would work, at least on a Chumby One or Chumby 8.  First, get SSH access to the Chumby via the debug menu.  Then, install the GCC toolchain by running the "gcc" command and following the prompt.  Then, you'd download, configure, and install like on any Linux device.  I just pulled the latest tarball from and build on my Infocast 8, but you'll need to be sure to use --prefix=/mnt/storage/socat or similar as the root filesystem isn't usually writable.

For a 1-Wire interface, it might be easy to interface with an existing USB board like the LinkUSB.  The Chumby devices have a FTDI driver built-in, so they could also talk to an Arduino board running 1-Wire code too.