Topic: Sony Dash?

Does the Sony Dash work with the resurrected Chumby service?

If it doesn't, does any know if it requires a fee like the new service?

Re: Sony Dash?

No, the Sony dash does not use this service at all.

We have no information about the conditions of that service, you should consult with Sony.

There is a link to their support forum in a section of this forum.

The home page for their device is here.

Re: Sony Dash?

Duane, I see the Space Clock is listed in the Dash Store. Do you know if it still works?


Re: Sony Dash?

I don't see why not, though it's an older version.  However, only the Sony dash can use their service.

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Re: Sony Dash?

Is there any chance you'd be able to talk to the Dash people at Sony? I'd love to get my Dash back in sync with my Ones. I would think they wouldn't want to keep running their duplicate service if they don't have to.