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I would like to start a opportunity to list especially cool radio stream urls that really work. I have about 40 I can list. There may be some that others have been looking for but can't find. I used to use the stream center but it looks like it closed down or something. I can't seem to get to it anymore to look for stations. Anyway, I am going to list mine later when I have time.

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Please list them. I used to have a pretty long list, but I lost most of it. Also, some old slow streams have been discontinued in favor of dedicated online players/mobile apps. If I can find mine, I'll post them, too. A good way to find mp3 or aac streams was from Shoutcast. Since AOL has abandoned Winamp, those streams might be harder to find in the future, too. Good idea for a topic demarks51.

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Re: stream urls listings
You can filter Chumby friendly urls.

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Christian Satellite Network (Calvary Chapel) http://208.43.73:9022
All Worship
VCY America
Live Ireland
Antioch Radio (OTR)
Smooth Jazz
BBC World service
WFMU classical
KMHD Portland
Ambient SomaFm Mission Control
Efteling Radio Holland
Alpenmelodie Swiss
Chinese Classical Hong Kong
Honolulu Rainbow
Jerusalem Kolhalev
Madrid SkyFM
Bossa Nova Rio
KLARA Belgium
WGTEj Toledo
Swiaa Classical
WSM AM http://provisioning.streamtheworld.cpm/pls/WSMAM.pls
WPLN Nashville
Bible in a Year … format=mp3
AFR Talk
MPB HD2 Music … sic-hi.m3u
Houston Christian

Owner of 7 Chumby type units. 3 Sony Dash, 2 Info 8, 2 Info 3.5, and 1 C1.

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Here's my contribution:

1.FM Blues

BBC World Service … bc_mp3.pls

Beatles Radio

Blue Ears Blues

Blues Radio UK

Radio Highway 61

WCPE 98.7 Wake Forest, NC

WNYC 820AM New York, NY

WNYC 93.9FM New York, NY

WNYC2 Classical New York, NY

WQXR 96.3FM New York, NY … 1/wqxr.pls

WUGA 91.7FM Athens, GA

Jazz88 WBGO 88.3FM Newark, NJ

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 3

True Oldies Channel

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Here are some of my favorites:

Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s

WABC - New York, NY

Jonathan Schwartz Channel

Imus In The Morning 24/5 … ORNINGCMP3

KYW All News - Philadelphia, PA

Vintage 1940s UK Radio Station

Jean Shepherd 24/7

The 1920s Radio Network

WCBS - New York, NY

WFED Federal News Radio - Washington, DC

WTOP - All News Washington, DC

KCBS - San Francisco, CA

KFWB - Los Angeles, CA

KNX - Los Angeles, CA

WINS News - New York … DIALUP.pls

Graceland Radio

New York Jewish Radio 107.9

JewishMusic Stream

Rockabilly Radio

Electro Swing Revolution Radio

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Note- For my streams, I generally prefer to use a lower quality stream as it buffers less.
Groove Salad
Secret Agent
Space Station Soma
Monkey Radio
WAMU 88.5 (The local NPR relay)
SceneSat Radio
The SID Station
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 4
BBC World Service … /eneuk.pls

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Here are some that I have collected:

TWIT Live - Technology Network:
KFI - Los Angeles, CA: … kfi-am.mp3
WFDD - Winston-Salem, NC:
WCHL - Chapel Hill, NC:
WFHR - Wisconsin Rapids, WI:
WUNC - Chapel Hill, NC:
WBT - Charlotte, NC:
WABC - New York, NY:
CBS Radio News:
No Agenda Stream:
KCBS - San Francisco, CA:
KFWB - Los Angeles, CA:
KNX - Los Angeles, CA:
KPCC - Los Angeles, CA:
KTLK - Los Angeles, CA: … tlk-am.mp3
WTIC - Hartford, CT:
CSPAN Radio:
WAMU - Washington, DC:
WFED - Washington, DC:
WTOP - Washington, DC:
WSB - Atlanta, GA:
WBBM - Chicago, IL:
WBZ - Boston, MA:
WGBH - Boston, MA:
WWJ - Detroit, MI:
WCCO - Minneapolis, MN:
KMOX - St. Louis, MO:
Triangle Radio Reading Service:
WCQS - Asheville, NC:
WPEK - Asheville, NC: … pek-am.mp3
WYQS - Asheville, NC:
WEEB - Pinehurst, NC:
WFAE - Charlotte, NC:
WHQR - Wilmington, NC:
WRDU - Raleigh, NC: … rdu-fm.mp3
KXNT - Las Vegas, NV:
WCBS - New York, NY:
WNYC-AM - New York, NY:
WNYC-FM - New York, NY:
WOR - New York, NC:
KDKA - Pittsburgh, PA:
KYW - Philadelphia, PA:
WPHT - Philadelphia, PA:
KIKK - Houston, TX:
KRLD - Dallas, TX:
LBC 97.3 - London, UK:
LBC News 1152 - London, UK:
BBC - Radio 4:
BBC - Radio 4 Extra:
BBC - World News: … /ennws.pls
WRN - North America Stream:
WRN - Africa, Asia Stream:
KE6RRI Repeater - Los Angeles: … tation.pls
KA1RCI Repeater - Providence: … tation.pls
BBC - World News: … /ennws.pls
2SM - Sydney, AU:
WRN - North America Stream:
WRN - Africa, Asia Stream:

Also, if you want an easier way to add them into your Chumby, instead of relying on editing via the standard interface, you may want to look at the following topic: