Topic: Does anyone else use dual monitors?

I just put my computer in a dual monitor setup, and will never go back. Seriously, it's pretty good. Even though my two monitors are a 2000 Dell CRT with built-in speakers and a 2001 NEC MultiSync LCD, they work pretty great and were both free (I got the Dell from a college that was giving their computer setups away, and use the monitor and keyboard. The actual computer's downstairs. The NEC is from another giveaway). I guess what I'm saying is that it's just easier to multitask with two monitors than one. I much prefer this setup to a widescreen, as it has more pixels (Both are 1280x1024), and widescreens cost money. I guess I want to know if anyone else does the same thing as me.

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I kinda like having twin 1600x1200 or 1900x1200 monitors, myself wink

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I have been all over the place with monitors. I personally do not like the widescreen monitors. When I was running dual monitors I found they had to be the same make/model/size or it would really bother me. Mixing a CRT with an LCD would certainly give me a headache. More power to you for being able to use it.  What I really want is one of those 4k TVs. If I could get a 32" - 36" model and use it for a monitor I would be a happy man. Of course, then I would have to upgrade the PC so it could drive it...

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Re: Does anyone else use dual monitors?

I have a couple of dual screen setups. One is 4:3 ratio setup and the other is widescreen. One for programming and one for audio/video editing / playing. I find I am on the 4:3 more often.

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Re: Does anyone else use dual monitors?

I wanted to update what I have done with my dual monitor setups.

I have found a couple of programs that making working on two monitors like working on two computers.

The first is called TeamPlayer. It allows me to use two mice at the same time. I use on mouse on each screen. Mostly used on programs that have repetitive input clicks like a cd ripping program I use while doing other chores. Keeps me from having to mouse over from the other screen. The program even allows a second keyboard to control the other screen as well.

The other program I found is called Dual Monitor Taskbar. It is a freeware program that puts a second task bar at the bottom of the second screen and allows me access to the Taskbar from from either screen.

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Re: Does anyone else use dual monitors?

I have 2 2560x1600 on one and a 44" HDMI tv set at 720P

The TV is on the wall 'wrapped' next to the monitor

I love it, and makes watcihng tv/movies perfect.