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demarks51 wrote:


"I am a chumbyaholic. I am powerless to resist buying just one more...."

Chumbanonymous maybe? We maybe need 12 steps?

"One is too many and a thousand never enough"

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Re: Which Chumby do you have?

Just found out about this chumby death situation.  I've been using my chumby since my wife pre-ordered chumby 1 for Christmas.  I was soo excited and still use it to this day.

Live on Chumby!!

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Re: Which Chumby do you have?

I registered just to show my support, and say I'd support a subscription model.

I own a pair of black chumby classics.  One called Keanby which I love but only use infrequenty, and the other is in bits as I like pulling things apart.  I also own a few Chumby Hackerboards, as I'm both a hardware and software guy.

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Chumby Classic Latte!  Love my little Chumby, every night it plays either Rain or Waves for me as I fall asleep and during the day I use it to listen to Pandora.  I miss all the funny little clocks but, so glad it didn't go dark forever.

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SilverMarc wrote:

Office: Chumby 8 that I loved as a way to take a break from the "coding zone" I'm often in. Now as a clock it reminds me how long some things take as the day rolls relentlessly onward.

Home: Bedroom Beanbag Chumby still functions with about a dozen separate wake-up alarms for our many different daily "up times."


Added a Latte Classic this week from eBay for $30. Now my wife has one for her bedside table. We're a 3 Chumby family now!

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Re: Which Chumby do you have?

(2) I3.5's on each side of the bed.

I support a subscription model to keep these on life support.  I had created a simple .swf file to give me buttons to control some home automation from bedside.  Things I want to continue to use my I3.5's for:

Homebrew home automation interface
Pandora (wake to)
IP Camera viewer
Possibly news or rss, etc.