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Hi -

Just got the Infocast 8.

Not able to understand the math of Apps.

How do I get to see the Apps like local news, weather, etc.?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Operate i8 from India

Unfortunately the widgets are not currently available.  Chumby (and Infocast) devices are running on a "stub" server that currently only provides the Star Trek clock, as well as music.

Duane plans to improve the service and eventually restore the full functionality of our devices, but there is no time frame for this currently.

Re: Operate i8 from India

Do you mean every Infocast 8/ Chumby user would be seeing the same screen/ c-panel?

Howd I know about updates anyway?

Thank you for your quick reply.


Re: Operate i8 from India

That's correct. As Duane brings authentication and activation back online, previously-unactivated devices should prompt for activation.

The best way to keep up to date on Chumby activities is to watch this forum. If you're not much of a forum-going person, you can subscribe to the announcements board (it may prompt you to confirm your security token,  this is normal) to have announcements emailed to you smile

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Re: Operate i8 from India

Thank You.

For others looking to operate outside the US:

Step 1. Downloaded Zurk's FW to external drive (2GB)

Step 2. Connected to the I8 USB port, let reboot, new C. Panel appears, and done!

Couldn't get the 'Squeezebox Ctl. Panel' to working though.

And still struggling to figure out a way of displaying Indian News/ Media content......any idea, anyone !!??

Everything else seems to be working fine.