Topic: Help converting Infocast 8 to Chumby 8


I had been running infocast's firmware and was fine with it.  But it died.  I am now trying to convert to C8 firmware but can't get the conversion to work.  I suspect the download I found at

is the problem.

When I get to the update screen, the "update from usb" is greyed out.  I tried changing the name of the zip file to "" , which made the "update from usb" button work, but alas, the update itself did not proceed, it just sits on the update in progress screen and does nothing.

Could anyone direct me to a source of info/firmware that can bring my Insignia back to life?  Thanks

Re: Help converting Infocast 8 to Chumby 8

It's technically Infocast firmware (I think), but try … ?

I honestly don't know exactly what it's for, but if you have a bricked Chumby, this can't do too much worse smile  If you're willing to wait a bit, Duane might be able to provide a more authoritative source for the C8 firmware.

Also, when you say "it died", how did it "die"?

Re: Help converting Infocast 8 to Chumby 8

Sorry, it didn't die.  Chumby the co died along with their server.  The Infocast itself works fine, it just doesn't have access to any widgets (except a clock).

Re: Help converting Infocast 8 to Chumby 8

Ah okay... can't help much with that then, other than to suggest that you sit tight and wait to see what Duane has in store as he starts developing the new Chumby infrastructure smile