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Topic: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

The other day, I remembered an article I read a long while back in a Popular Science about this soft, plush internet thing called Chumby. So I went to the website, only to be shocked at the fact that they shut down. Since then, I have been digging through this forum reading about all the current "fixes" and things that are in development. I really want the actual Chumby, and not another kinda-similar product, but it seems like it's not the best time to be getting one.

Should I get a Chumby 8 (The kind I want) and use something like Zurkware (please refrain from arguing about its functionality as much as possible) [EDIT: Or the "Stub" server] until a possible more permanent solution is created, or should I hold off/abandon hope of getting one?

Re: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

Even with the limitations (for now) of the stub server, a chumby gives you an awesome alarm clock and access to various streaming audio services. I haven't used the zurk package, so I can't speak to its good or bad points. Based on the conversations on this forum, Duane is working hard at getting the kinks worked out of the stub server and is looking forward to bringing the service back up to a semblance of its former glory.

Re: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

Well I'd say it depends on what you want it for really.

If you're up for fiddling with it, including (at a minimum) loading Zurkware on a USB stick, configuring it, and running that, then I don't see much reason not to.  Even if worst comes to worst, and the Chumby servers never make it past this "stub" stage, Chumbies are very easily bent to your will if you know what you're doing (and the community support on this is pretty darn fantastic if I do say so myself).

If you're looking for more out-of-the-box functionality than the stub server currently provides, I still wouldn't dismiss it entirely, but I'm not going to make any guarantees as to the future of the Chumby service -- Duane is busting his behind to come up with something at least reasonably similar to (if not better than) the old service, but there's still a long road ahead for that.  If you can scoop one for a great deal and can spare the cash, you'd probably be better off getting one now (they're only going to become more scarce since no more are being manufactured).  Even if things go south and the service never gets past the stub, you'll probably be able to turn it around on eBay down the road for about what you paid for it; there are always the more hackish-minded who will be happy to try and make it an offline device for their own ends.

Re: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

It depends on what your intended use for the device is.

If you're just interested in playing around with the "chumby experience," I would say yes, this is a bad time to buy a chumby.  The offline firmware and stub experiences aren't like the old chumby "app store" experience was, where you could easily browse and install new widgets.

I wouldn't suggest bothering with Zurkware to anyone who hadn't already invested some time in using a chumby.  It's more of a solution for those who are already in the ecosystem, rather than newcomers.

If you have a specific use in mind like streaming internet radio, or a fairly basic alarm clock, that the stub server provides, it might be worth your time.  Otherwise, hold off and see if the stub server ever graduates beyond stub status.

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Re: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

FYI, the C8 also works as a very nice digital picture frame, for photos off a USB stick or SD Card, no widget required. Various effects can added to slide shows. The C8 also has a basic Web browser built in. Also note a user has a C8 for sale in the "market" forum topic.

Re: Bad time to buy a Chumby?

Thank you everybody who offered their opinion! The current features offered by the stub server are definitely major selling points for me, and other apps would be icing on the cake for the most part. And I'd like to be a part of the future testing and development. I bought a C 8 online and I'm looking forward to using it and helping out with future developments! Thanks for everybody's opinions!