Topic: Questions about Zurk's firmware

First of all, is this the RIGHT place to post questions about Zurk's firmware?

Second, I was shocked and dissapointed to see my chumby die after years of sitting on my desk.  I darn near fired a cleaning person when I thought they had messed with it, only to find out that the service had gone belly up.  I had no clue it was coming, so I never backed up my settings. 

Anyway, I have put the firmware on a thumbdrive, and changed the fields I THOUGHT I was supposed to change to get the weather showing MY area, not some place in Canada.  I also did the SYNC command, etc. and yet I still have the wrong weather showing.

If anybody has a short write up, that would help.  I also plan to delete some of the widgets on the firmware as well since they are rather redundant. 

Anyway, thanks for trying to keep these alive.  Its too bad a company sells hardware that is so tied to a web sevice that it dies when they go out of business. 

Add me to the growing list of people who would pay for an annual service.....


Re: Questions about Zurk's firmware

post your zurk questions in his forums here : … rce=navbar
changing the weatrher basically involves editing the strangely named file and then modifying your chumby profile for the rest of the widgets which dont use the zwapi script.