Topic: Status of "Chumby for Sony Tablet S" application

And many of you know, the Sony "dash" installed base is now being served from a completely separate set of servers operated by Sony, which means that any changes to the Chumby service would not affect customers of those products.  That change was made in December 2011.

However, Chumby Industries also provides an Android application that is preloaded on the Sony Tablet S, called "Chumby for Sony Tablet S".  That application is still served by the Chumby systems and are thus affected by any changes to Chumby service.

This post is to inform customers of this, and that as a result, the fate of that application is tied to the fate of the Chumby service.  That means that that application would fail to operate should the Chumby service go offline.

The symptoms of such a failure would be that the application would present an alert with the text "Error during authorization", with a single OK button that should cause the application to quit.  If the app does not quit, simply use the "home" or "back" button.

If you have any questions or issues with the "Chumby for Sony Tablet S" application, feel free to ask them in the "Android" section of this forum and we will do our best to answer them.