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So this is my last attempt to get some help with my defective Chumby One.  Sharing the email I sent (no response - not even a "Sorry we can't help you response").  I really want my Chumby One to come back to life.  Beginning to suspect this company doesn't have a customer service dept:

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 7:37 PM, Jonathan xxxx <> wrote:
I have a Chumby One that I purchased a couple years ago.  It is a valued member of our household - used for Pandora frequently / FB photos - it is awesome. Or was. 

A few days ago it just started hanging on the little-blue-circle boot-up screen, repeating restarting and last night when I unplugged it for a couple hours... plugged it back in - it flashed the little-blue circle screen for a sec, then went black.  The screen now seems to stay black when plugging it in and re-plugging it in.  I have tried various combinations of pressing the power button, holding down the power button, holding down the top 'chumby' button - leaving it off with no power for a while - nothing seems to work.  I have also validated that nothing has changed with the plug, it has just been sitting there and there is power. 

The Model No. is:  CHB802, FCC ID: TE7WN321GV2 IC:7612A-B.  My username is xxxxx and my chumby name is xxxx.

Please let me know what you can do.

Thank you,

Re: Chumby One stopped working - no customer support

its 20 bux to replace it with an identical infocast 3.5 on fleabay.
why bother ? just replace it.

Re: Chumby One stopped working - no customer support

It sounds like you might not have tried a factory reset, which I learned about here:

Unfortunately, as you'll see it doesn't seem to help a lot of the Black Screen of Death folks. Poke around the forums, there's been a lot of approaches tried with this. Seems a lot of folks problems are the hardware itself, from power connections to SD cards. These forums are basically what's left of Chumby support, but there's been some real interesting things developed, and I've gotten some good help from community members. And Chumbian Duane still helps out, too. And maybe try posting the problem in a more pertinent category like "Chumby the Device" or something. I don't think a lot of folks read these "feedback" sections any more, because there's just been dozens of the same complaints here since December.