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Topic: CC/C1 NAND FLASH Chips / 4G USB Modem

Would it be possible to buy NAND Flash chips already pre-loaded for use in custom projects? Preferably 1GB in size?  I would like to avoid having to build/buy a programmer for yet another component in my lab. 

As mentioned in my previous thread, I'm doing an ultra low-power/minimal spec-out. Onboard rt73, Onboard 3G, and a single USB Host port. Failing that, I would probably just result to using a MicroSD card, which would be the quickest, and most cost effective for short-runs/bricks. But it never hurts to evaluate all of your options too.  (Both the 3G modem and RT73 would be using the currently available USB interfaces, just without the physical hardware connections to further reduce footprint, unless I decide to do something else.)

I've got a Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem I want to try, haven't seen any success yet from other users, haven't ripped it open either to see what it's running.  Ideas?