Topic: New York Times widgets and podcasts service changes

The New York Times is making changes to its business which affect all chumby devices.

Among other changes, they have decided to suspend podcasts for all devices, so we will be removing the "New York Times Podcasts" music source from all chumby devices as part of a Control Panel update.  Some of you may have already noticed that the podcasts on their site have been cut back to only three, and it is very likely these will be discontinued.  Existing alarms that use the New York Times music source will be converted to beeps.

They have also altered their terms on the use of their RSS feeds and full articles which is not compatible with further use on the Chumby device, so all New York Times widgets will be removed from the system.

We greatly appreciate the tremendous support that the New York Times has provided to chumby ecosystem since our launch many years ago, and wish them the best of luck in the future.