Topic: Having problems find the Perl libraries

I am having some difficulty getting Perl to find the libraries.   My script attempts to get the localtime.  However, it cannot find the appropriate library or module.   If I use the following command line, then it works, so I know the needed bits and pieces are there.

perl -I /mnt/storage/usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0

Since I imaged the original SD flash card to a 4 gig SD flash card,  I untarred Perl onto /mnt/storage.   I believe that is the extra space that I have now that the flash card is bigger.   Is there something extra I was supposed to do?     

I saw stuff on the web about pulling  "use lib" statements at the start of the Perl script.   However, I was not able to find a version of that which worked.   Is there an example of how to do that?

My path is:

chumby:~# echo $PATH


----- Steve

Re: Having problems find the Perl libraries

I don't think Perl uses $PATH to find its libraries.

See this page for various ways to set up paths.