Topic: App/Device Compatibility

Being that there are a variety of device types utilizing the chumby network, I was curious about app compatibility.

If I have an app that works on Classic, C1, and Insignia 8 can I assume the following devices will also work?

Chumby 8
Insignia Infocast 3.5
WoWbox 3.5
WoWbox 8

Are there any others that would work as well?

Re: App/Device Compatibility

Yes, those devices are all close enough that they should work exactly the same.

It gets trickier with the TVs (which are based on Stagecraft 1.2, not Flash Lite proper), Android and Windows ScreenSaver (which are stock Flash Player plugins running in a web view).  The Sony dash and Android clients are also a bit tricky since the widgets can be resized during execution.