Topic: Arduino as FTDI

I think I may have killed my infocast 3.5 by soldering headers into the gpio breakout,and then unsoldering them as I wanted them pointing the other way after the fact.  Anyway, I have seen a couple of blurbs about using the FTDI chip in an arduino  in lieu of an actual ftdi cable for serial connections by connecting ground to reset on the arduino and connecting the tx ->rx rx->tx and ground to ground on the chumby (well the thing I saw on the internet was a router but.....) . So I have tried this a couple of times (while waiting for my newly ordered ftdi) and no dice just some unicode looking characters on power connection.  Anyway long story short, can anyone validate that this will work and point out some practicals such as the needed baud rate (9600 for arduino or the 115200 for the chumby one) etc... any help would be appreciated .

Re: Arduino as FTDI

Sounds like an interesting idea, but not likely to work as you're expecting.  If you connected the arduino's TX/RX lines to the chumby, you wouldn't then be able to read what's going on with your computer.  Your regular arduino only has 1 uart, and if it's being used to talk to the chumby, it won't talk to your computer over USB.

The exception to that is the megas which have more than 1 uart, or trying to get something going with software serial, but that's likely not fast enough to work reliably.

I also believe the C1/infocast are both 115200 8n1.  The CC was slower, maybe 57600, but I don't remember off the top of my head.

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