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Topic: Laser, Lights, and power supply woes

cross posting from the craft section, this all started out as someone's metal-art-sculpture donkey and a development team asking "could we make it light up if someone breaks the automated build?"... a Chumby One and months of project ADHD and you end up with a couple GPIO output controlled lights and lasers, and way more Flash UI than ever was planned...

this is just the start, hopefully the team that requested this and myself can continue it and get some tank tracks and robotics going eventually (probably from the I2C interface).

build blog: http://theksmith.com/tagged/deathburro
demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFhfWH47eDo




i'll post in the software forum once i finish my next blog entry and put up the full source code.

i wanted to say thanks to everyone that has contributed to this forum and the wiki. i had to learn a bunch of basics in different areas and these resources made it possible. i hadn't soldered in years before this, hadn't touched Java since college, and i'd never even installed Linux before.