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I have a classic chumby which i am trying to install into the wall at my office so that i can use it for music, and pandora. While taking it apart the bend switch no longer seems to be working. I tried to attach longer wires to it so that it would be easier to access. I saw other forums saying to press in the upper left corner to get to the control panel, but this does not work either. Can someone please help me out?

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You need to create a small file for the "upper left" button to work.

See this post.

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thanks for the quick reply, how can i get into the ssh without using the control panel though?
thanks again

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Well, you can set up a USB dongle with a script to do the same thing.  Upon boot, the device looks for a script on the top level of a USB stick, called "debugchumby".  What you'd do is make a script with the key command from that page:

echo 0,0 > /psp/hotspot

Note that you'll have to use an editor that generates UNIX-style line endings (ie linefeeds, not carriage returns).

If you add the line "start_sshd", you'll also get SSH turned on.