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Topic: MIT Scratch


MIT has a programming environment for kids called Scratch (see: http://scratch.mit.edu/ )

They also have a Flash player that works for any Scratch project, and the projects are limited to smaller screen sizes similar to Chumby Original / One, etc.

Has anybody ever looked into getting Scratch projects running on Chumby?

They're not all the highest quality, but over 2 Million Scratch programs have been shared on MIT's website - some of them would look very nice on a Chumby.

Re: MIT Scratch

Well, the first step would be to get Squeak running on a chumby.  I took a quick shot at that a few years back, but didn't get very far.  One issue is that the Chumby does not have enough RAM to run a full Squeak without adding a swapfile.

Scratch is implemented in Squeak.

Re: MIT Scratch

They have taken a step from Squeak to a Flash player for 1.4, and I think 2.0 is targeting Flash execution as well.  I'm just starting to learn about the Scratch community, but the Flash player for Scratch made me look up at my Chumby and think: hmmmm.....