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Topic: Infocast 3.5 power supply?

I found a couple of Infocast 3.5 units but I need power supplies.

I notice on the chumby store there is a chumby one power supply,
Item No.  ACPWRSPLY11 ,

Chumby classic and chumby 8 power supplys are also available.

The store doesn't state that the chumby one power supply
Item No. ACPWRSPLY11  works with an infocast 3.5. 

Is that the one? I am afraid to order until this is confirmed.  I have to say I have collected a largish pile of 5v 2a power supplies but none of the tips fit the infocast 3.5.

Re: Infocast 3.5 power supply?

  Yes, the chumby one power supply is compatible with the Infocast 3.5 units.