Topic: Fun with infocast 3.5

I am having fun with the Infocast 3.5 I just got.

A few questions:

1. It doesn't have a music channel, so I created one.  There is one shown in the instruction book containing Pandora, Shoutcast and IHeartRadio and some others.  None of those apps appear in my dashboard online to be added.

2. There is an FM radio antenna but I don't see a way to use that.  Is there supposed to be an FM radio AP somewhere?  What's it called and how do I find it?  Or does it need to be installed? If I need to install it where can I find it?  There is no obvious FM AP shown in my list of apps on my dashboard online.

Re: Fun with infocast 3.5

Open the Control Panel by hitting the top button.

Tap the "Music" button.