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Hello everyone,

Are there any examples on how to control the FPGA and the framebuffer on the NeTV? I'm looking to do something simple, like clear the framebuffer after stopping the NeTVBrowser (when it stops, the last status of the ticker appears to remain on the screen). I've tried to use imgtool for this like this:

imgtool --mode=draw --bitfmt=rgb888 --fill=240,0,240

but that doesn't work (I get some crazy pink diagonal lines on the screen, not transparency).

What is the proper way of resetting the framebuffer to 100% transparency?


Re: framebuffer operations

I believe bitfmt should be rgb565, give that a try. The whole command I would propose is:

SCREEN_X_RES=1280 SCREEN_Y_RES=720 imgtool --bitfmt=rgb565 --fill=240,0,240

you can also force compositing entirely off by doing "fpga_ctl x o", but that just totally disables the UI overlay.

I'm not near a device now to test, so apologies if it doesn't work, just going off the top of my head.

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Re: framebuffer operations

Thank you, that did the trick!