Topic: Virtual Chumby


I'm trying to utilize a virtual Chumby to preview the flash app that I had someone else build.  The flash wasn't originally targeted for a Chumby platform so I'm trying to do a prescreen to see it if works.

I was able to first upload a private flash app into the Chumby DB and was able to view the flash application in the preview screen on the first upload.  From my point of view I was able to see the app and for it to work.

Now I'm trying to look at it through the Virtual Chumby client with setting up a test channel with the test flash app inside.  Unfortunately I only see the default time clock and other advertisements, I can't see my app on the web page.  I know the channel works because if I put in another free app I see that one work.

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?  Was the .swf not saved properly with the action script setting?