Topic: Prototype rough interface with Chumby

Hey Chums,
I'm interested in prototyping a new app for a touchscreen device, and I want to use my Chumby to help!

I prototyped for the iPhone using keynote/powerpoint. It's super easy to make a few interface slides, link the slides together with buttons, and have a little demo of the look and feel. All I do is email the keynote prez to myself and then check my email on my phone.

How can I do the same thing with the Chumby? Just to get a rough feel for the interface, button size, arrangement, colors. From what I've read I could build a flash app and put it on a USB drive and stick it in my Chumby. But I don't know Flash and would have to learn. Are there any good alternatives? Or easy "build a quick flash interface" apps? Open to suggestions big_smile


Re: Prototype rough interface with Chumby


Keynote 09 doesn't export as Flash.
But Keynote 08 does.
So Keynote 08 Download --> Keynote export as Flash --> Copy to USB drive + chumbydebug file --> Works! … oldid=2218