Topic: Usage of top button when running Chumby8 software?

Is the Insignia 8's top button supposed to do something when running Chumby8 firmware?  I thought it would bring up a menu or take you to the clock or something. I have two machines and the button seems totally "not useful when running chumby 8 firmware

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Re: Usage of top button when running Chumby8 software?

I've not checked other than if the button is still being looked at:

To read the state of the top button on the device, read the file: (Where 0=pressed 1=not pressed)


There must be a new or old reference maybe in the chumby scripts directory for this button.

I've been running my Chumby's in Linux mode; and the button didn't do anything in Linux mode.  So I disabled Linux mode and rebooted to Chumby mode on the I8 upgraded to C8 (FW etc) devices.  I just tested it on one of the devices and the top button when pressed during the playback of a widget brings up a widget top menu to either exit the widget or make a change to its configuration.  Sometimes I had to hit it more than one time or hold it for a bit.

So it looks likes working just fine for me at least.

BTW I've speed up the whole booting process a bit by not downloading the control panel with the first initial boot; rather just utilizing whats already there.  (its documented here - just changing one thing on one script).

Re: Usage of top button when running Chumby8 software?

i have the same issue, i updated to C8 yesterday, and i noticed that the top button was not working as shown in youtube(pop up a small control panel), as a resulet when music plays while wathcing pictures, i have to reopen music to stop it....any suggestions?(extra info:while updating, internet crashed, so i had to restart...)