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Topic: request for "free" chumby ->automatic addition to "insider's release"?

so i've been sitting around, waiting for my email for chumby insider release day.

and i knew i gave up my email address to chumby industries long ago.  but wasn't sure when and so i finally searched through old emails to find:

Chumby <no-reply@chumby.com>           11/25/06
    to         <me>
    date        Nov 25, 2006 5:40 PM    
    subject        Your request for a free chumby

Thanks for taking the time to request a free chumby. The response has
been huge and we'd love to give a free chumby to everyone with a
creative idea, but there are only so many we can part with (sorry!).

We're building our next round of prototypes so we'll have about 50 to
give away. With over 4,500 requests for a free chumby, you can see we've
got our work cut out for us deciding where they should go.

We love a convincing argument and if you hooked us with yours, you'll be
hearing from us again. But in case you don't get a prototype chumby,
we're aiming to make them commercially available next spring.

Thanks again for your interest in the chumby! Visit us at
http://www.chumby.com for all the latest chumby news.

The Chumby Team"

does that request automatically add me to the "insiders release" list?

or have i been sitting here patiently as you told me to in vain only to realize that i signed up "too early"?
all the while i've been wondering... "i haven't heard from them in a while, should i put my email address in again?"


Re: request for "free" chumby ->automatic addition to "insider's release"?


duane posted in the insider launch thread:
"We're sending invite emails to the "contact me when chumby is available" list, not the "convince us to give you a free prototype chumby" list, because, well, there aren't any more free prototype chumbys."

i guess they just thought that people who signed up back then were just TOO early or only wanted them for free??

Re: request for "free" chumby ->automatic addition to "insider's release"?

OK, here's what we're going to do, since this appears to be a bit of a mess.

We're merging the lists and *everyone* that signed up for *any* of our lists before today should get an email by the end of October.

Re: request for "free" chumby ->automatic addition to "insider's release"?

yay!   thanks duane.  chumy marketing/sales has my renewed faith.  pretty impressive. 

i'll try to stop complaining about the lack of good alarm features.  of course, if i had mine, i'd be more likely to hack on the alarm widget.