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Yesterday, I started the USB music on my Chumby one, and then went into the night mode. After a minute or so, it started to go to the boot up sequence (the one with the bubbles). It got stuck in it... The Chumby never got to the Octopus part of the start-up. It just stayed in the bubble sequence. (It finished it, and then started over.)

I unplugged my Chumby one for about a minute, and then plugged it back in the adapter. (Hoping it will work again.)

This time it didn't even start up anymore. The screen stayed black and even if you hit the power button nothing changed... (The Chumby didn't turn on, because I didn't hear the sound of the Octopus. That's how I know it didn't boot up.)

Thinking the adapter might have no power, I checked if it still has power. (It did and it had about 5.3 Volts.)

I didn't change anything the last few weeks with widgets or adding new files to my USB. (I didn't even unplug it for about a week for that matter.)

I had no other problems with my Chumby the last few weeks except, that it re-initialized into the wireless network about once everyday.

For me as a student it was very difficult and expensive to get my Chumby here to Belize(Central America). If I would (warranty already expired) send it back to the USA it would cost about the same amount of money as it was to buy it. (I have owned my Chumby a little more than a year and it's very sad that it already seems to be broken...)

Now for my question:
Is my Chumby dead, or what happened? (I didn't see any smoke coming out of it and it didn't smelled burned, so I'm sure it didn't overheat)

I hope to get any help or feedback soon

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Hi Brian, come see us in support (  Let's see what we can options we can present to you.

- chumby support

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I will come to the live chat in the next days when I have no school and am sure I have enough time.

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Did you ever resolve this?  Mine is doing the same thing :-(

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Well, no - not really.

We have discovered though, that it's because of the cable/plug... if you can get a new adapter for it, it should work again.

The best thing would be if you go to live chat to talk with people that know more about this stuff wink

Hope this helped.

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Hmm well my adapter is also showing 5.3v so I'm not sure how changing that might help.

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Add one to the count!

My adapter also seems to be ok, 5'24V, but Chumby doesn´t boot.

Does the One in Chumby One mean that it only last One year? ;-P

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Mine was fixed by changing the PSU.  Though it showed 5.3v, it must not have been pumping out enough current.  When I tried a new PSU - all was fine!  Many thanks to Chumby online support for helping me diagnose this.

One thing to note - the Chumby PSU is about as rare as rocking horse sh!t - special connector etc.

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Hi aris,

Thanks for your help. Efectively it was the power supply. I managed to adapt another one I had from a WiFi Access Point and Chumby is back to life again!

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I just encountered what appears to be the same problem with my Chumby One.  I sent an email to Chumby support.  Now to look through my pile of old power supplies to see if I can find a matching one.

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Chumby support sent me a new power supply, and now my Chumby One is as good as new.  Great support!

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what support email address is everyone using? i am having the same problem (bubbles and no octopus loop and then the screen went all black). i attempted to report this via the email us link at, but was getting an automatic Delivery Status Notification (Failure) response to my email request.

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Send an email to

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and if no one responds to email??? it's been a little over a week from an email and over 2 weeks from sending in a "ticket" through their customer support site.