Topic: Infocast 8" + CP 5.0.29

I updated my Infocast8 with firmware 1.8.3785, Software 1.8.1, Control Panel 5.0.29
I'm really liking the control panel functionality over the stock insignia panel.

My question is under 'Music' I was hoping to find the 'my streams' app, but it
is not present, there is 'My Music Files' which is only for the attached devices (usb/cf/sd).

Is 'my streams' able to be added to this device?


Re: Infocast 8" + CP 5.0.29

The My Streams feature is not available on an Infocast running Chumby8 firmware since it's not available on the Chumby8 itself yet.  In the meantime, you can stream music to your Infocast using the methods listed on this page.