Topic: need help for blinking led with imx233

i make my own board with imx233 qfn.

i am a newbie with imx uc and i try, for my first code to blink led.

i get source code from lyre project (use flaconwing) and i have problem :

when i start board without sd card or without configured sd, there is a timeout for 20 sec and uc go sleep.

when i start board with bootable sd card with bootlet code, uc start and wait infinitely.

sd card can't boot without bootlet code.

my question is where must i put code for blinking led ???

ps : i make bootable sd card with dd commande, i does'nt have jtag debugger.

i get 1, 1.2, 1.8 and 3.3V on vddX lines. (memory is 1.8V model).