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I've been working on this for a little while and don't have anything ready for release, but felt that other members of the community should know the information I have found.  The SheevaPlug, GuruPlug, PogoPlug devices use a Marvell Kirkwood cpu that is a 50% faster sibling of the PXA168 present in the Infocast 8".  They are close enough that most distributions made for the *Plug devices should with some effort run on the Infocast.
I currently have Ubuntu 9.04 running on mine from an 8GB microsd.  Many things are currently broken:
Touchscreen in X windows.
device-mapper not present in the stock Infocast kernel.
Shutdown and reboot do not work correctly.
Infocast specific startup items are not present. (Crypto processor stuff mainly)

That said, I am able to comfortably compile code on the device after adding a microdrive for swap space.

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When the site is back up you should give PlugLinux a try. -- I have been curious if it would run.   They have a supporting repository as well.  I run it on a Seagate DockStar that I picked up for 30 bucks.  It's pretty cool.


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How did you get ubuntu running on the infocast?

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I took the SheevaPlug Installer, unpacked the rootfs.tar.gz into a blank ext3 fs I created after deleting partitions 3 and 4.
Copied the /boot/vmlinuz and /lib/modules/* from the infocast stock image.  It works enough for basic stuff, but is definitely not ready for primetime.