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Hello all,
I've been working on a python library for the hacker board. The idea is to gain easy access to many of the programmable registers. So far I've got it up and running with some GPIO pins, and I've also included tested and working (although a little too slow) support for a Nokia 5110 glcd. It certainly has a few bugs, but I've got a beta version up on google codes:
It has a long way to go, but I figured I'd share it now in its early stages to get feedback/suggestions.

- I'll give credit here to madox, who got python's mmap worked out with the /dev/mem file:

Re: Python library for CHB

Very interesting I will give it a go in the following days.
What version of python did you test it on?

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I'm using python2.6 from here:

By the way, has anyone had success embedding C into Python and getting it to run on the Chumby?
I've got a Nokia 5110 glcd up and running in my library, but writing to its shift register with Python is a little too slow. I'd like to stick a little C routine in there and have Python call it (it would have to pass in what's to be written to the lcd). I haven't looked into this much yet (I've never embedded C in Python at all), but if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.