Topic: Problems sharing photos

I'm having problems sharing photos from one 8" Infocast to another.  I can select a number of photos and drag them onto my buddy's name.  I then see a message about the photos being uploaded to photobucket.  Indeed, everything on the sending end looks good. 

But on the receiving side of things, I can't seem to accept the photo app.  If I look at "my messages" at I see a message from my buddy with the subject "New App."  I click "accept" and get a popup prompt saying,  "Are you sure you want to accept this request? Once you accept, the request will be removed from your inbox."  I click "OK" and I'm taken to a page starting where I'm given a list of my channels.  I check a channel and click "Send App" but the page refreshes and nothing happens.

I've checked my channels and no app has been added.  I've checked "my messages" and the "New App" message is still there. 

Without really knowing the problem, it seems something on the side of things isn't allowing me to add the app which would presumably let me share photos from one infocast to another.

Re: Problems sharing photos

We'll look into it - we have been rolling out some significant back-end changes to the friends and widget sending systems, so you may be seeing it in a transitional state.