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Does anyone have a pristine image of the fresh-out-of-the-box Infocast 3.5" MicroSD card that they can share? (Is this allowed?) I did some fiddling with mine before I made a working image, but I'd like to have the original to fall back on.

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I'm not sure if its shareable but I can create one for you.  Its rather large I think at 500Mb or so.

//If a mod reads this...sorry about the look so similar...

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My slightly modified image ends up about 114MB when 7zipped. I don't think there's any reason I need it other than personal edification ... I did small things like doing a software update, and installing gcc via the "gcc" script that presumably removes itself after running. If you can share it, I'd much appreciate it. Probably not a bad idea to make one for yourself anyway.

This is an amazing piece of hardware for the price. I'm new to Chumby, I picked up a 3.5" Infocast for $40 after Christmas, opened it up a few days ago, and I'm already hooked.

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Fortunately the image compresses down nicely. Mine was about ~65MB as I recall. PM'd.

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Anyone just coming to this thread now should see … td-p/30878

And note a ROM for the Infoshare was posted to …

Thanks to Insignia Zac and ChrisP.


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broke my sd card so I need an img file for the 3.5".
Any help ??